What is wrong with indian housewifes ?.why they are continuosly engaging in the family activities..why do not enter in the world of bussiness..

I learn from my personal experince that the indian housewifes are too energetic and a great enterpreneur.

Means one can learn from them that how can we manage things easily and in a calmdowm way.they have everything the enterprenuship quality,the management quality,the leadership quality.

# leadership quality

They wake up early like a leader weather its too freezing or too summery ,they never complain.They always commited to their pantry,whatever the circumstances the situations may arise,they always make time for thier cookhouse,now if we seriosly wants to achive some thing great,we need these type of dedication in our life.

# management

They manage everyone in the house from their child to father in law n from market to servants without taking a single credit and with the attitude of pushing everyone and standing behind like a leader,in the bussiness also we need this type of attitude of managing and pushing everyone.

# Attitude of giving

The attitude of always giving without a single expectation of reciving anything in return,the continous hustling,always der for everyone whenever their husband children stuck in a problem,and stand like a wall.

Now i cant wait for the day when these beautiful womens enter in the world of bussiness…